In this challenge of sponsoring children the organization meets the following activities:

  1. Writing proposals and finding donors/sponsors.
  2. Arranging meetings with donors and sponsors for the program
  3. Assessing the true children who deserves help
  4. Guiding and counseling the children to keep away from what would cause problems in their lives and stay focused to their education.
  5. Assessing children’s needs.( The needs of children vary according to their back grounds).
  6. Finding schools that will help the children to realize their dreams through education
  7. Attending school meetings as the guardians responsible for the children in specific schools.
  8. Attending to the inquiries of sponsors upon their sponsored children and anything else they may need to know about the program
  9. Shopping and distributing scholastics to children.
  10. Banking or paying tuition to schools, we take the charge to pay children’s tuition funds into the schools accounts sections or paying direct to the school’s bank accounts where it is applicable.  
  11. Drafting budgets and expenditure reports each end of the term
  12. Posting and receiving letters on students behalf.
  13.  Organizing end of term meetings for children
  14. Monitoring children’s academic progress and advise accordingly
  15. Extra