Children’s Activities

At wide smiles, we greatly understand that our children have been hidden for such a long time and many are still hidden out there, because we haven’t been able yet to reach to them our hand of help. They are hidden with many beautiful abilities/ talents which talents if identified and developed can be very helpful to their future and instrumental in developing our communities if offered a chance to have the talents developed in a right way and in a right place.

In our search for talents our children are blessed with, we discovered among the many beautiful talents they are gifted with being music! We take music to be the food for soul. One of our girls at Wide Smiles called Rose Mary; in form four at Kasaka secondary school is one gifted young girl in music. She is both a composer and a singer! She sings gospel music and she has written over 50 songs of her own at present. She visited recently and gave a comprehensive experience of her life.  It was indeed a pleasure to know her life story. She enjoys her free time to write her gospel music. So far, four of her songs have been recorded.   At Wide Smiles recently, we made arrangements for Rose Mary to record an educative song with Dream Studios in Kampala- Kamwokya. In her song using voice of the Bible she tells her life story, which story in fact appreciable to almost all girls in rural villages with such families which cannot afford to cater for their children.

Rose Mary gave her producer a great surprise. At her age she did sing all the tunes by herself without any one backing her! Indeed this was unusual. Unlike the most arts in Uganda who go to the extent of recording for weeks, for Rose Mary it did not take even full four hours before she left the studio with her recorded audio CD.

Jokingly the producer said to Rose Mary that she had “a beautiful voice than herself”. I think Rose Mary did not like her producer's remark. She did not understand at the time what the producer meant. And may be the producer didn’t know how best to offer his remark. Eventually Rosemary got the meaning her producer's remark meant and she appreciated him.

Our Rosemary is in search for any one with interest in music or willing to offer Rosemary a help to develop her talent, because she really has the potential to spread the word of God through her music. It could be you or your friend to help this young girl and many others with such talents here at Wide Smiles. Please contact us if you are interested to know more about Rose Mary. Thank you and May the good Lord look on you with favour and give you peace.

At wide Smiles, we are a conduit pipe to reach assistance to those whom you and we think deserves it. We thank our partners and benefactors for the projects started. We thank you our benefactors who entrusted us to be the intermediary for the assistance given. At this point we thank the congregation at St. John’s/Ascensions church in Ottawa for your help towards Homeland Orphanage and primary school at Kasaka.

Please if you ever think of putting your donation where it will be appreciated, reach its destination and serve its purpose do not hesitate to contact us if you need our help we will offer it at no cost at all.

At a moment, we are in connection with Divine Preparatory school, Homeland School, We want to support Kanoni Modern and Primary school, Aidah and Topher, Mpenja Secondary and both Kasaka primary and secondary schools. Several secondary schools of Rural Uganda have contacted us seeking for partnerships with other interested High School to share life experience. Do you know a school you can connect us to? It is worthy to think about and get back to us if you have an idea.

Do you want to share your experience with kids or teenagers of a typical rural area in Uganda? Or teach in Uganda at any level? It does not matter what your qualifications are, but what you are able to do or share with us! Even if it means painting a building we can make arrangements for you. At Wide Smiles we are looking for volunteers of all skills. Just let us know what you are interests are. We shall help match your interests and skills where in groups, schools or communities where they will be highly appreciated.