How much does it cost to support a student with Wide Smiles For All Through Education?
On average it would cost as follow:

  1. For primary students, it costs UGX 250,000 for a Boarding student including basic scholastics and a mosquito net per term. This totals to 750,000 UGX (USD 291) for entire academic year. With that much you would have helped to change the life of a deserving child through education. ( Uganda’s education System is three payable term a year making up for one academic year)
  2. Secondary students: All we need is UGX 400,000 per term for a boarding student. This totals to 1,200,000 UGX (USD 463) each academic year (3 terms a year). This total would include a bed mosquito net and basic scholastics each term.
  3. University students, It would cost UGX 1,800,000 each semester and UGX 3,600,000 each academic year. (USD 1,386). This cost would include University functional fees, tuition and hostel fees each semester.

We have a number of students we have supported to complete elementary and secondary levels but, we haven’t had a chance to push them to university such that they can get the skills to start or get employment to benefit themselves and Uganda in general. Please we are counting on you to help us reach our objective. Share with your family or friends and see if they can be in position to support human development. The following students completed Advanced Secondary Level and wants to join university:

  1. David Kityo – Information Technology
  2. Ssebuma Badru – Mass Communication
  3. Maureen Nakanwagi – Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
  4. Maria Kisakye – Bachelor of science in Accountancy
  5. Oliver Nankya – Business Administration
  6. Teddy
profira uganda3 Above, Kenneth and Dad Dave.

We are so grateful to St. John's Church of Engaville for signing up other ten pupils to be supported with school fees at Devine Preparatory School. This make a total of 27 students St. John's is currently supporting with school fees. The lucky children are:

  1. Rosemary Nakalyango – Kasaka Secondary School
  2. Nabukenya Rebecca – Kasaka Secondary School
  3. Nalumansi Sumaiya – Fisher Baranch Kalagala High School
  4. Bwanika Hakim – Mpenja Secondary School
  5. Kyoyita Moreen –Mpenja Secondary School
  6. Nakanwagi Edith- Mpenja Secondary School
  7. Agnes Nabasiita – Mpenja Secondary School
  8. Robinah Mukanshenga – Gomba Global College
  9. Jane Namusisi – Mpenja Secondary School
  1. Nagira Christine - Devine Preparatory School
  2. Nakabugo Topisita – Devine Preparatory School
  3. Babuule Christine – Devine Preparatory School
  4. Nabwami Maria – Devine preparatory school
  5. Mbabazi Tracy – Devine Preparatory School
  6. Nankebe Merina – Devine Preparatory School
  7. Ssebunya Ivan – Devine Preparatory school
  8. Mubiru Martin – Devine Preparatory school
  9. Nakamya Scovia – Devine Preparatory school
  10. Kabonge Kenneth – Devine Preparatory School
  1. Mukasa Alphat – Devine Preparatory school
  2. Nakawalya Joanita – Devine Preparatory school
  3. Nakatte Annet – Devine Preparatory School
  4. Dumba Acram – Devine Preparatory school
  5. Nakato Florence – Devine Preparatory School
  6. Kasibante Denis – Devine Preparatory School
  7. Nabwere Diana – Devine Preparatory School
  8. Kisuze Kennedy – Devine Preparatory School
  9. Ndayiro Jovan – Devine Preparatory School
  10. Nantunze Prossy Devine Preparatory School

It has come to our knowledge that most of our children lack mattresses and blankets. We are looking for willing donors to help support with whichever one can. A good Mattress of 6 inches including transportation from a shop, to a school or home of a child would cost UGX (Uganda Shillings) 100,000 (USD 39). A blanket would cost UGX 50,000 (Approximately USD 20). Bed sheets are optional but would cost UGX 250,000. (USD 10).

Understanding how much a good sleep contributes to ones learning on a day next, and knowing that some of our children sleep on just a mat on un cemented ground, you can imagine the challenge yet, has to compete with other students sleeping on sponge, and with good blankets to provide the needed warmth during the nights. These are other desperately needed materials for our children