Rose Mary releases her first Gospel Album

Letter from Lillian Nabulime To Jan and the entire congregation at Grace Lutheran Church
July 1, 2012
Scholastic Development Fund
May 22, 2017

One of ours girls at Wide Smiles called Rose Mary; in form four at Kasaka secondary school is one gifted young girl in music. She is both a composer and a singer! She sings gospel music and she has written over 50 songs of her own at present. She visited recently and gave a quite comprehensive experience of her life.  It was indeed a pleasure to know her life story.

She enjoys her free time to write her gospel music. So far, four of her songs have been recorded.   At Wide Smiles recently, we made arrangements for Rose Mary to record an educative songs with Dream Studios in Kampala- Kamwokya. In her song using voice of the Bible she tells her life story, which story in fact appreciable to almost all girls in rural areas with such families which can not afford to cater for their children.

Rose Mary gave her producer a great surprise. On her age she did sing all the tunes by herself without any one backing her! Indeed this was unusual. Unlike the most arts singers who go to the extent of recording for days, for Rose Mary it did not take even full four hours before she left the studios with her CD song.
Jokingly the producer said to Rose Mary that she had “a beautiful voice than herself”. I think Rose Mary did not like the remark from the producer perhaps because, she did not understand at the time what the producer meant by that. And may be the producer didn’t know how best to offer his remark but when she shared with us,  we explained what he probably meant and she appreciated him.

We are therefore in search for any one with interest in music or willing to offer Rose Mary a help to develop her talent because we believe she has the potential to spread the word of God through her music.   It could be you or your friend to help this young girl and many others with such talents here at Wide Smiles. Please contact us if you are interested to know more about Rose Mary.

Thank you and May Lord look on you with favour and give you peace.