Rules and Regulations

Wide Smiles for All Through Education has no dealers and asks NO MONEY to help a child. We don’t have fees that the one looking for help should pay before and or after getting a sponsorship. We don’t sell application forms. Everything at Wide Smiles is for free to the beneficiaries.

  1. Children on program must be well behaved both at their homes and at schools and above all God fearing. At any time a sponsored child is determined to have miss behaved and showing no interest to improving on his/her behaviors will lose our sponsorship.
  2. Children must demonstrate great ability and enthusiasm to study.
  3. Each sponsored student writes a letter to the correspondent or sponsor each end of the term, which he/she forwards to the Charity Administration to be sent to the sponsors concerned.
  4. The sponsored students also presents a copy of their progressive report card each end of the term to the Charity administration which the administration forwards to the specific sponsors.
  5. It is a requirement to all sponsored students to love and respect each other.