Central Buganda Secondary and Vocational Training School Project
October 4, 2017
October 5, 2017

My name is Lukwago Joseph, I have I have 5 brothers and 2 sisters. I attended to Kanoni UMEA primary school in Kanoni town council from the years 1996 to 2003. I think I was the poorest in my class in terms of material wealth because, even affording a pencil was through a hard struggle and many of my class mates took fun of me and teased me so much.

I thank my teachers Wasswa, Ali, Abdul, Steven, and Peterson, they were more than teachers to me and often offered me guidance and counseling which helped me to stay focused and look straight towards my education.

I completed primary level with good grades and got admitted to Kasaka secondary school. I very much wanted to study and its only education I wanted but, on many occasions I could see tears on face when walking on the road to and from school. This normally happened without me noticing but, I came to realize that my minds were always away from my body and though I was walking on the road but I wasn’t paying attention to the happenings on the road. I was always worried and thinking on where to get the school needs including the fees! My mother could not afford and very many times I cursed myself and asking why God was causing me to suffer.

However, I was so wrong and it wasn’t right that God had forgotten all about me. I came to realize that he was always there with me walking and watching me plus guarding me from all the dangers that would cause damage to me even when walking on the road. I realized that God was always with me the poor Joseph and head all my cries for help when he brought in my life Rev. Dr. Carolyn Langford, Mr. Kenneth Kasule and Anne from Canada with an answer to my problem.

They washed away all my tears I had for years and this very day when my headteacher Mr. Katumba Christopher called me in the office to get the news of a education sponsorship I will never forget in my life. Things changed for me and I was brought to the boarding section at school saving me the time to walk miles from home in the morning to school and making it back to home in the evening. The following terms I could only see Mr. Kenneth showing up to my school to pay for whichever payable there. I remember he was paying for many students at my school. He speaks to us and fills us with courage and a lot of hope for the better future ahead of us. He looks for us even before we look for him to know our progress in school.

After Kasaka secondary school I had to join another secondary school which offered Advanced secondary studies. This meant more money than I was paying at ordinary secondary level. I got admitted at Northraod raod secondary school on Entebbe road. After two years I joined Muteesa I Royal University and I proudly pursuing a Diploma of Science in Information Technology. This is my final year and I am remaining with one semester to go. It wouldn’t be possible without the help of my dear sponsors and please I treasure and love you so much. I also learnt that God is for the poor and recalled what Mr. Kenneth said to us that “God is not pushing us; instead tests us to know our commitment to Him”.

Each time I sit on my knees, I pray to God to help Wide Smiles thrive to help many more other sisters and brother in need of education because, if it was not this program who knows where the poor Joseph would be! Perhaps teased to this date! Thank you and thank you very much and live for long my sponsors.

God Bless you
Lukwago Joseph
Muteesa I Royal University
Kakeka Mengo