Central Buganda Secondary and Vocational Training School Project

Scholastic Development Fund
May 22, 2017
Lukwago Joseph
October 5, 2017

Dear Friends,

Greetings and best wishes from myself and the Beneficiaries of Wide Smiles for All Through Education, in Central Uganda.
I am writing to invite you to make an important investment today. An investment in the future of deserving children in the Districts of Gomba, Butambala, Mawokota and Mpigi “Greater Mpigi District” in Central Uganda. An investment with Wide Smiles for All Through Education.

It is a dedicated not for profit Charitable Organization seeking to give a hope to the most deserving children through Education. It is an investment to breaking various vicious cycles of ignorance, diseases, and poverty. An investment in strengthening the family, the society and in bringing peace and prosperity in our rural communities and indeed our country Uganda.

We attach a greater value to girl child’s education and orphans in general. As you may be aware, the education of the girl child and the advancement of women has tragically been ignored in our communities. For centuries girls have struggled against opposition from their own families, orphans have also been victims of the circumstance besides facing blind prejudice from the society and always enduring public scone. Though now not at the highest rates but, still many girls continue to face discrimination in education and some have been prevented from attending school and have been overtaken and overshadowed by their boy counterparts and in the circumstances of an orphan the matters becomes worse.

The girl child is used as a domestic worker and her time for education is actually limited. Her place in society has been reduced to a tool for raising resources through payment of dowry during forced marriages. Unpaid domestic work is a full-time job for the girl child in greater Mpigi district.

The girl child works almost 14 hours per day which results in physical constraints and fatigue. 70% of all domestic workers in Central Uganda are girls aged below 18 years. Harassment, sexual abuse, and other abuses of domestic workers is a common practice. The girl child migration in search of domestic jobs in urban areas has resulted in increased prostitution for economic reasons. This has in turn increased HIV/AIDS.

A common custom among the traditionalists here, is to treat girl child as a domestic servant. Girls and women suffer the physical ill, dying of hunger, Sickness, pain and stress leading to physical weakness and dependence and Ignorance due to lack of education which leads to exclusion of girl child/orphans and this results to rejection, isolation, loneliness, insecurity vulnerability, worry and fear. Unwanted pregnancies, early and forced marriages and sexual exploitation are the order of the day.

Again and again, powerlessness seems to be at the core of the girl child and the orphan’s life. The stigma of illiteracy continues to hound young girls/orphans. A considerable number of girls have turned to taking alcohol most especially in urban centres in order to manage and alleviate stress.

But still they have kept trying.
Now it is our chance to rescue the girl child and the other deserving children from illiteracy, ignorance, humiliation, rejection, isolation and vulnerability. It is our chance to build a school- “CENTRAL BUGANDA SECONDARY AND VOCATIONAL TRAINING SCHOOL”– which will start offering quality education to the deserving children with a great focus on girl child and the orphans, to help them redeem their respect, dignity, confidence and lost glory.

We have found suitable land about 5 acres, to set up structures for this school.  That is why I am turning to you for support. So that you can help in constructing the academic blocks, dining hall, hostel and a few staff houses to start with. I am turning to you because I know you understand the value of education and you can help us provide needed education.  Believe me, the obstacles standing on the way of girls and other less privileged children are greater than ever before. The obstacles to the advancement of the girl child means that her education is constantly interrupted and it is virtually impossible for them to learn as day scholars. They need a boarding school.

It is one reason I am not surprised that as I move around the country, my friends ask me what influential people have done towards the education of less privileged children! And as I talk to these young children, I see their desperate need for education, their despair, frustration, aguish, humiliation, shame and stigma.
Yet my concern is that for each girl child denied education, it is an opportunity tragically lost. This is a concern I think you also share.

I am extending my hand to you now, to ask you to stand with me to give a hope to those who had lost it. God is on our side and I have no doubt that we can put up a school for God’s children. CENTRAL BUGANDA SECONDARY AND VOCATIONAL TRAINING SCHOOL will be the institution that will provide the desperately needed opportunity and hope for the Uganda’s future leaders.

Whatever contribution you make towards this worthy cause will go a long way in enabling us fulfill our dream of providing quality education to the deserving children. Your donation will truly be an investment in the bright future of the deserving children in Central Uganda. Whatever you contribute will certainly help these communities to grow and mould leaders who will share their knowledge and expertise with the rest of world.
I look forward to hearing from you and wish you God’s blessing in your endeavors to support human development.
Yours sincerely

Kenneth Kasule
Wide Smiles For All Through Education,
P.O. Box 35197 Kampala, Uganda.
TEL: +256 774287388
E-mail: kasulekenneth@yahoo.ca
Website: www.wide-smiles.org